Be going to

Be going to + infinitive tends to indicate the future as a fulfillment of the present. It may refer to a future resulting from a present intention.

  • She says she’s going to be a doctor when she grows up.

Construction be going to is used:

-  when we predict that something will happen in the future because we have some evidence for it now. It may be that we predict an event that is just about to happen on the basis of something that we feel:

  • What’s the matter with her? She thinks she’s going to faint.

- when we talk about Intentions or decisions about the future that have been made in the past:

  • Who’s arranging the party? Jo’s going to do it (= this has been planned)

- in the main clause of a conditional sentence in the same way as we use will (with very little difference in meaning)

  • If we go on like this, we’re going to lose all our money.
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